Tutpup – Play, Compete, Learn Mathematics

Tutpup is a fun website on which young students can practice their mathematics skills in a friendly online game format. The games are designed for students between the ages of five and fourteen to practice basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and little bit of Algebra.

Tutpup games are played in head to head matches. Students don’t know who they are playing because the only way that they can register on the site is by selecting an animal avatar and a user name that is generated by choosing the name of their favorite animal and their favorite color. When they play the games students see their avatars move forward or backward on the screen with each correct or incorrect answer. At the end of the game students see which questions they answered correctly and incorrectly.

Tutpup also offers a spelling game. In the spelling game students hear a word pronounced then try to spell it correctly. I tried the game but found that the announcer’s accent made it difficult for me to understand what she was saying. Tutpup is based in the UK so that explains the accent.

Applications for Education
Playing Tutpup games could be a fun way for students to practice their mental mathematics skills. The head-to-head environment puts a little pressure on students to focus on the task at hand. While the game is competitive it is tempered a bit by the fact that students don’t know who they’re actually playing against. 


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