Pinnion – Targeted Audience Polling Through Mobile Devices and Your Website

One of last week’s most popular posts was this list of 11 web-based polling services. Pinnion is another good service to add to that list. Pinnion is a tool that you can use to survey your audience through your website, blog, or through mobile devices.

Using Pinnion you can create multiple surveys using multiple question formats. Your survey can be distributed to a specific audience through Pinnion’s channel service (you create the channels) or you can cast a wide net and gather responses from anyone who visits your website or blog. Pinnion offers Android and iPhone apps for gathering feeback. A sample Pinnion poll is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Our students carry a variety of mobile devices that we can use to gather feedback from them. Pinnion makes it easy to gather that feedback from students using Android and iOS devices. And if they have neither OS on their mobile devices, the web version of Pinnion surveys is quite mobile friendly.


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