Guides to the Global Economy for Students

The Global is a nice resource developed for high school and undergraduate students by Georgia State University Economics Professor Neven Valev. The purpose of is to provide guides to understanding the economies of individual countries and the global economy in aggregate.

To accomplish the goal of helping students understand global economics, offers a database of articles about the economies of individual countries. You can select any country from the list of more than 200 to find basic economic indicators about that country. The country profiles include not just the data associated with economic indicators, but also explanations of the indicators, and graphs of the data in comparison with other countries.

To enable quick, visual comparisons of economic indicator data provides an easy-to-use comparison tool. On the comparison page you can select a set of data and the countries that you want to compare. The comparison is then shown in the form of a graph.

Applications for Education could be a great reference tool for high school and undergraduate students studying economics. According to the site’s developer, it is intended to students who are not majoring in economics or politics, it is intended to be a primer or introductory reference.


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