Class Connect – Share, Find, and Connect on Lessons

Last week I was contacted by a nice young man and student named Eric Simons who was seeking some feedback on his new service. The service is called Class Connect.

The basic purpose of Class Connect is to provide a place for teachers to store all of the digital materials associated with their lesson plans. Teachers can store documents, images, video files, and websites (bookmarks). To help you keep your materials organized, Class Connect provides a tagging system. The tagging system allows you to use custom tags or assign Common Core standards tags from the standards menu. If you choose, you can share your materials with colleagues. Class Connect provides an option for collaboration on shared materials.

There is a community aspect to Class Connect. If you choose to, you can make your materials public so that they can be searched and viewed by other Class Connect users. There are two ways to search for lesson materials in Class Connect. You can search the shared materials by keyword or search by Common Core standard.

Applications for Education
By our good nature, teachers like to share. Class Connect makes it easy to share our best resources with each other. Sometimes it’s by seeing what others have done to teach a topic that we get our best ideas for our own lessons. Maybe you are looking for a new way to teach a topic or need an idea to get your lesson plans started, have a search in Class Connect. And if you benefit from the sharing of others, return the Karma and share some of your own good resources.


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