Bunsella Bedtime Stories – An App for Narrating Stories

Bunsella Bedtime Stories is a free iPhone and iPad app for creating and narrating bedtime stories. I learned about the app through an email from its developer, who built it as part of her dissertation work in universal design learning technologies.

Bunsella Bedtime Stories features claymation-like characters to which you lend your voice to tell a story. You can upload your own images through the app too. Completed stories can be shared through email, Facebook, or YouTube. Watch a sample story in the video below.

Applications for Education
Bunsella Bedtime Stories was originally designed for parents to narrate stories for their children. The app could also be used by students to create and share stories. If you had a classroom set of iPads you could have students exchange stories and respond to each other with a “part II” or response story.


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