Add Multimedia Timelines to Your Website

Verite Timeline is an open source project that allows you to add multimedia timelines to your website. Before you read any further I want to point out that making this work on your own website will require you to access and alter the HTML of your site. If you’re not comfortable doing that, you might want to skip this post.

You can create and install timelines on your site in two different ways. First, you can draw up your timeline using this Google Docs template then adding that completed template to the Verite Timeline code. Alternatively, you can create your timeline in JSON format then adding that code to the Verite Timeline code that you add your site.

Applications for Education
The Verite Timeline template and code does offer a lot of flexibility for creating multimedia timelines. It is a bit more advanced than most teachers will use in their classrooms, but for those who want to teach students a small bit of HTML coding while they also build timelines of events, Verite Timeline could be effective toward that end.

H/T to Nathan Hall


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