Learn About Chromebooks Through Project Chromebook

Last month Google announced that 27,000 or more Chromebooks were headed into U.S. schools. If you or someone in your school heard that announcement and became curious about using Chromebooks in your building, you should take a look at Kevin Jarrett’s new blog, Project Chromebook.

Project Chromebook is an on-going record of a 60 day trial of 25 Chromebooks in two fourth grade classrooms. The blog covers topics like deployment and administration of Chromebooks as well as information about Chrome apps for education.

While exploring Project Chromebook one of the things that I learned about Chromebooks in education is that you don’t have to sign a year-long lease with Google, there are other options like month-to-month rentals of Chromebooks. Month-to-month rental is the route that Kevin’s school took. If you’re not 100% sure that Chromebooks are the right solution for your school a short-term rental makes sense to me too.

If you’re curious about what it looks like to deploy Chromebooks and use them in the classroom, Project Chromebook is a blog to which you should subscribe.


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