Fifty Sneakers – Create Quizzes from Your Catalog of Content

Disclosure: Fifty Sneakers is an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers.

Fifty Sneakers, formerly known as Quizinator, is a good service for cataloging content that you quiz your students on. Your catalog of quiz materials can include a variety of text questions, images, and videos. Fifty Sneakers makes it easy to create quizzes and other assessment tools from your catalog. When it comes time to create a quiz, open your Fifty Sneakers content then select the questions and materials that you want to include in your quiz then print out your quiz. Fifty Sneakers provides detailed tutorials to get you started building your content library and quizzes.

Applications for Education
Fifty Sneakers could be a good resource for teachers who have to give the same quiz or test to multiple sections of the same course. Once you have your questions in your Fifty Sneakers account you can create many versions of the same quiz just by selecting questions in a different order each time you create a quiz. 

If you upgrade from the free Fifty Sneakers account to one of the paid plans, you can use the service to administer quizzes online and have them graded.


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