Connecting Through Video – Stories of People Helping Communities

This morning I had a Skype conversation with Rushton Hurley about his non-profit’s, Next Vista for Learning, latest projects. One of those projects is Connecting Through Video. The Connecting Through Video Project is an attempt to gather videos made by students that tell the stories of their communities. The idea is to create videos that feature the good works of people and organizations in your community.

Below is a video from the Connecting Through Video Project.

The project is sponsored in part by the Rotary eClub of the Southwest USA, but students don’t have to have a connection to a Rotary Club to participate. These are Rushton’s words about the project: We’re trying to get videos by students telling about their communities and about people who help others.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a connection to a Rotary club, just let me know, and I’ll help you out. 

Applications for Education
One of the things that Rushton and I talked about when he told me about the Connecting Through Video Project was my school district’s requirement that every student has to do some type of community service project before graduating from high school. Creating a short promotional video for a local charitable organization could be one way to do a service for the community. Upload the finished video to Next Vista (the video could also be uploaded to YouTube) to help spread the word about that charity. Or as Rushton said much more succinctly than I just did, Community service requirement – help a charity tell its story!


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