Museum Box Is a Great Way for Students to Create Virtual Artifact Displays

Museum Box is a great tool for creating virtual displays of artifacts that you find online. Museum Box has been around for a while and I could have sworn that I had written about it before, but a search of my archives revealed that I haven’t.

Using Museum Box students can organize images, text, videos, links, and audio clips about any topic that they’re researching. When completed , students’ “boxes” become digital dioramas.

Adam Bellow at EduTecher put together an excellent museum box tutorial a couple of years ago. I’ve embedded that video below.

Applications for Education
Museum Box is a great way for students to visually organize all of the information that they have gathered and or created about a particular topic. While the tool was designed with history students in mind, it can certainly be used in other content areas. For example, you could have students in a biology class gather and display virtual artifacts about animals and their habitats.


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