A Great Collection of Cool Infographics on Pinterest

Cool Infographics is a great blog that I have mentioned numerous times in the past. Many of the infographics that I’ve shared, I discovered on Cool Infographics. Recently, Randy Krum, the author of Cool Infographics started putting all of the infographics that he writes about onto a Pinterest page. The Cool Infographics Pinterest page contains all of the infographics that Randy wrote about in 2011. Included in the page are some infographic videos like this one about Stuxnet.

Applications for Education
If you are considering having your students develop infographics as a class project, the Cool Infographics Pinterest page could provide you and your students with some great models. You may also find some infographics that have flaws and in those cases you and your students can discuss what those flaws are and how a particular infographic could be improved.


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