5 Google Chrome Extensions to Help Your School Save Ink & Paper

Yesterday, I published Ten Useful Google Chrome Web Apps and Extensions for Teachers and Students. The first item on that list was Printliminator. Printliminator is a Chrome extension that allows you to strip sidebar content from blog posts before printing them. Here are five more Chrome extensions that do the same. To maximize your school’s ink and paper budget, install any of these extensions on your school’s computers then teach students to use them before they print from the web.

Joliprint converts online articles into a printer-friendly, reader-friendly format. Once installed just click the Joliprint icon whenever you’re reading an article that you want to print and Joliprint will generate a PDF of that article without the sidebar content from that blog or website. Joliprint is not designed to work with search engine results list or homepages of sites and blogs. Joliprint only works with specific article urls. For example it won’t work if you try it on freetech4teachers.com but will work with https://freetech4teach.wpengine.com/2011/04/its-april-15th-lets-learn-about-taxes.html.

Like all of the extensions in this post, Printee will allow you to strip the sidebar content from blog posts and websites before printing. Printee offers the added bonus of syncing with your Google Docs account.

Print Friendly offers the option for you to specify whether or not you want to include images in the articles from which you remove the sidebar content. Print Friendly also gives you the option to share the cleaned-up version of an article via email or Twitter.

Print Plus offers the option to highlight exactly what you want to print and remove everything else. Just as with the extensions listed above, you can save the cleaned-up version of an article as a PDF.

Clearly comes to us from the producers of Evernote. Clearly wasn’t specifically designed for saving ink when printing, but that is one of the benefits of using it. Clearly strips the sidebar content of a webpage. You can send the cleaned-up version directly to your Evernote account for easy reading whenever you open your Evernote account. You can print the cleaned-up article from your Evernote account. Watch the forty second video below to learn more about Clearly.


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