Where in the World? A Google Earth Puzzle

Where in the World? is a geography puzzle constructed by The Atlantic. The puzzle is based on Google Earth satellite imagery. There are two puzzles in the series. The easier, though still difficult, of the two is this one that presents an image and three answer choices. The more difficult of the two is this one that does not offer multiple answer choices but does offer some very obscure clues.

Applications for Education
I would start students out on the easier of the two puzzles. Using the multiple choice options as clues, students can navigate Google Earth to discover the correct answer. This could be an excellent way to introduce students and or your colleagues to navigating within Google Earth. To extend the activity, once students have found the correct answers have them do a little research about each location. Turning on the National Geographic layers within Google Earth could be a good starting place for their research.

H/T to the Google Earth Blog.


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