Tekzilla Highlights My Favorite File Conversion Tool

One of the first RSS feeds that I look at every morning is Tekzilla Daily. Tekzilla Daily provides quick tech tip videos. When I opened the Tekzilla feed yesterday I was happy to see that they were highlighting my favorite free file conversion service Online-Convert. Watch the Tekzilla review below.

Online-ConVert handles conversions of many media formats and file types in one central location. Need to convert a document to HTML of PDF? Online-ConVert does that. Want to convert a video to a new format or download a video from the web? Online-Convert does that too. Do you need to convert an audio file to MP3 or WAV? No problem, Online-Convert has you covered. One of the feature of Online-ConVert that I really liked is found in the video conversion tool. Not only can you change the format of the video, but Online-Convert also allows you to specify the display dimensions of the video you’re converting.

Applications for Education
Online-ConVert could be a great resource for teachers who work in schools that use multiple operating systems. If they need to make media available to all of their students and colleagues regardless of which computer(s) they use, they’re going to have to convert files at some point. Online-ConVert could also be useful when a student comes to you with a flashdrive containing a document that you cannot open. Finally, Online-ConVert could be used to download videos from the web for classroom use.


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