NASA @ Home and City – Trace Space Back to You

NASA @ Home and City is a virtual tour of NASA-related science in our homes and cities. Students visiting NASA @ Home and City can rotate buildings and take a look inside to discover everyday items whose development has been influenced by technology developed at NASA. Each item within a building has a narrated explanation of how that items was influenced by NASA technology. For example, students can take a look inside the bathroom of a house to learn how cosmetics have been influenced by technology used at NASA.

Beyond the explanations, students can explore NASA @ Home and City’s Spinoff Archives. The Spinoff Archives allow students to read further about each of the elements they see in the virtual buildings. After going through the virtual tours and reading the Spinoff Archives students can take the Spinoff Challenge to test their knowledge of NASA @ Home and City.

Applications for Education
NASA @ Home and City could be a great way for students to see that science, particularly space science, is all around them even when they don’t realize it.


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