MSN Offers for Schools – A New Way to Fundraise

MSN Offers for Schools offers a new way for school groups to conduct fundraising operations. Rather than trying to sell wrapping paper, candy, or other things that people really don’t want fundraising with MSN Offers for Schools takes the approach of encouraging people to shop at local businesses. Here how it works, the school registers with MSN Offers for Schools, local businesses offer special deals, then when someone takes advantage of that deal the school gets a percentage of the sale. The video below provides an overview of the process.

MSN Offers for Schools Introduction from MSN Offers for Schools on Vimeo.
Applications for Education
I once counted the number of fundraisers run by groups in my school district. I can’t remember the exact number, but it was well over one hundred for the year. In our small community, that’s what we call market saturation. Really, how many rolls of overpriced wrapping paper can one person buy? MSN Offers for Schools could be a good alternative way to fundraise without having to convince a saturated market to buy more wrapping paper, candles, or other random trinkets.

Another alternative fundraiser you might want to investigate is iGive’s fundraising program.


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