Does Cell Phone Use Lead to More Time Spent Studying?

StudyBlue, a mobile flashcard/ studying app that I’ve reviewed in the past, has released an infographic based on data about student use of mobile devices for studying. There isn’t a lot of information on the infographic, but one thing that I did find interesting is that according to StudyBlue’s data (based on more than 4000 cell phone users) students who use their cell phones for studying spend 40 minutes more studying each week than those who do not use cell phones for that purpose.

Applications for Education
While this infographic clearly isn’t the most comprehensive study of cell phone use among students, it does give us one example of how cell phones can be useful for students. One reason why students who study on their cell phones spend more time studying is that they always have access to review materials. Instead of spending time telling students not to use their cell phones in school perhaps we should be spending time teaching students about apps like StudyBlue that they can use to study.


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