Class Pager – Text Your Class

Class Pager is a new service that teachers can use to send group text messages to their students. Using Class Pager teachers can send text messages to their students without either party seeing each other’s real cell phone number.

To get started using Class Pager, register yourself on the site. Class Pager will then provide you with an enrollment code to share with your students and their parents. When a student or parent sends a text to Class Pager with that code, he/she will be added to your roster. Then when you write a text message it will be sent to everyone who has opted into the service.

A couple of fine print things to consider about Class Pager. Class Pager is free for your first class. Additional classes are available for a fee. You should also bear in mind that if your students don’t have unlimited incoming text message plans, they could incur charges.

Applications for Education
Using Class Pager could be a great way to keep students and their parents informed of important news from your class. You could use Class Pager to send out homework reminders or something more positive like congratulations for a job well done.


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