Awesome Apps to Try on Your New Android Device

If you received a new Android device this holiday season. Here are eleven apps that you should try. All of these apps are free so there is no risk in trying them out. If you have an app that you love and think should be added to this list, please leave a comment.

1. Skitch for Android is currently my favorite app on my tablet and phone. You can use Skitch for Android to create drawings from scratch. You can use the app to take a picture and mark it up. Or you can also use the app to edit and draw on images that you have saved on your tablet, in a Picassa album, or in an Evernote account.

2. Evernote is a fantastic app for bookmarking your finds on the web. Whether you’re browsing the web on your Android device or browsing on your computer, Evernote is equally awesome for saving your favorite finds. Evernote gives you the option to bookmark just the url of your new favorite website or you can add notes and tags to your bookmark. Your bookmarks can be viewed from any device that you sync with your Evernote account. Beyond bookmarks you can save images and other files that you need to access from multiple devices. Sharing is caring and Evernote allows you to share the notes in your account with others if you so choose.

3. Using DropBox in conjunction with DropItToMe is one of the ways that I try to avoid inbox overload. The DropBox Android App allows me to access all of my DropBox files from my tablet and phone. I can also use the app to add new content to my DropBox account. The video below is an overview of the DropBox service.

4. I couldn’t make everything on this list serious so I’ve included Google Music. Launched to the general public last month, Google Music is Google’s response to iTunes. You can upload music from your personal collection and access through any internet-connected device. You can shop for new music directly through the Google Music Android app. Right now many songs are on sale for just $0.49 and many albums are available at just $4.99.

5. Sync Space is a whiteboard app available for Android devices and iOS devices. You can use Sync Space to create drawings and documents on your tablet. You can create using free-hand drawing tools, using typing tools, or a combination of the two tool sets. Your drawings and documents can be sent to and synced with other users so that they can comment and edit your drawings and documents. If you have installed an app like Evernote or Dropbox you can upload your drawings to either of those accounts too. Learn more about Sync Space in the video below.

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