Searcheeze – Collaboratively Curate the Web

Searcheeze is a relatively new and neat service for curating the web with your friends. Searcheeze is basically a social bookmarking service with an extra publishing feature added to it.

Here’s how it works. Searcheeze provides a bookmarklet for bookmarking the things you find online. When you click the bookmarklet it opens up a sidebar to which you can drag as much highlighted text as you like from the webpage you’re viewing. From that sidebar you can specify which of your collections of bookmarks you want send your highlighted content and bookmarks to. Then back in your Searcheeze account you can arrange your content and publish it for others to see. If you want to curate content with other Searcheeze users you can do so by sharing a collection and working together to add to it.

The video below offers a short overview of Searcheeze.

Searcheeze – Search collaboration made easy! from Searcheeze on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Searcheeze could be a good service for students to use when working together on collaborative research assignments. One of the practical features of Searcheeze that could be beneficial for students is Searcheeze’s capacity for allowing users to drag and drop as much content as they need from a webpage into their bookmarks. By doing that students can avoid the scenario in which they bookmark a page, but later cannot remember what it was on that page that they wanted to cite in their essays or other projects.


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