KinderTown – Find Apps for Pre-K Students

KinderTown is a new service and iPhone / iPad app designed to help parents find the best educational apps for their pre-K children. KindetTown reviews iOS apps and categorizes them according to content area (Social Studies, Math, Language, Art, and Science). To find an app appropriate for your child select the device your child is using, select your child’s age, and select a content area. After making those selections KinderTown will generate a list of appropriate apps. Watch the video below to learn more.

For information about the background on KinderTown, read this TechCrunch article.

Applications for Education
If you have small children at home who grab your iPad or iPhone from you, KinderTown could be a good app for you. Likewise, if you teach pre-K students and have iPads KinderTown could be a time-saver when you’re looking for apps for your students.


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