The Great Energy Challenge – Interactive Posters and Quizzes

The Great Energy Challenge is a National Geographic feature that offers some nice interactive posters for evaluating personal and global energy consumption.

Global Electricity Outlook is an interactive display of electricity consumption across the globe. You can view the global picture or click on the map to view regional consumption. The display shows the means of electricity production globally and regionally. To see how shifting production sources would impact the world or a region use the sliders below the map.

The Global Carbon Footprints map provides four ways of looking at carbon footprints created by the largest economies in the world. You can roll over the map to view carbon footprints on a per capita basis, cumulative basis, intensity, and current totals.

The Personal Energy Meter is a tool for evaluating your personal carbon footprint. The meter asks for your location then asks a series of questions about your energy consumption. The result compares you to the average person in your region. I was below average in my footprint until I entered the number of flights I take every year. Wow! Flying leaves a huge carbon footprint.

Applications for Education
The Great Energy Challenge could be a good resource for anyone teaching an introductory lesson on energy production and consumption. The Personal Energy Meter asks questions about utility bills. Therefore, most students will need to ask their parents for help. That could be a good way to get parents involved, even if only for a few minutes, in discussions with their children about what they’re studying in school.


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