Balancing Reform with Reality

Image Credit: John Webber

This morning I had a conversation on Twitter that led me to writing a Google+ post about the need to balance our ideal education reforms with the realities of teaching in public schools. You can read my full post here. I’ve included the first paragraph below. In my opinion the first paragraph is the most succinct of the three I wrote. I also encourage you to read the comments and add your own on Google+

My chief complaint about many education “reformers” is that they forget to balance the realities of teaching in a public school with their ideal school situations. You can’t tell a teacher to completely buck the system without recognizing that bucking the system could cost that teacher a job. Rather than telling teachers to completely buck the system, I prefer to encourage a systematic series of small changes that will add up to big change over time. Read the rest of the post and add your comments here. 

For the first time visitor: This is not indicative of my typical post, I generally prefer to stick to covering how-to topics and new developments in educational technology. 

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