My Open Letter – A Simple Way to Share Letters to the World

Last month I wrote about five ways students can publish online in less than a minute. Today, I discovered another service that allows students to publish their thoughts online without the need to register for another online account.
My Open Letter is a simple service through which students can compose “open letters” and share them on the web. Content written in My Open Letter can include hyperlinks and images. My Open Letter assigns an unique url to each letter. Even after publishing students can revise their letters online. Users of My Open Letter have the option to allow or disallow commenting on their open letters. You can see my sample Open Letter here.

Applications for Education
If you’re looking for a quick and easy way for students to share their thoughts online, My Open Letter is worth giving a good look to. I like the service for two reasons. First, students do not have to register for an account thereby enabling them to spend more time on their writing. Second, I like that students have the option to allow or disallow commenting. If a student is looking for constructive feedback, he or she might allow commenting. But if a student doesn’t want public feedback, he or she can could disallow commenting.


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