More Ways to Edit Your Videos in YouTube

Yesterday, I posted a list of twelve useful YouTube accessories. In that list I included directions for using YouTube’s video editor and creating “choose your own adventure” videos using YouTube’s annotation tool. Shortly after I wrote that post YouTube introduced some more ways to edit your videos.

In the past when you uploaded a video to YouTube it was stayed up as is unless you took it down. But if you uploaded a video and then realized that there was something else you wanted to do to the video you then had to take down the video, re-edit it, then upload it again. That is no longer the case. Now you can edit your videos within YouTube without having to re-upload them.

The new YouTube editing option allows you to add color effects, trim your videos, and change soundtracks within your browser. To do these things just click on “edit video” while viewing your video (you do have to be signed into your account to do this). Watch the video below for a short overview of the new YouTube video editing options.

Applications for Education
If you have your students uploading their video projects to YouTube the new editing options could be useful for them. Being able to make minor edits without having to go through the whole process of taking down then uploading the new versions of their videos could be a good time-saver that will allow you and your students to move on to the next learning activity.


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