The Time for Mobile is Now – 7 Ways to Make It Happen

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I’ve written about cell phones in schools a number of times in the past (here’s a summary post). I’m fortunate to work in a school that allows students to use their cell phones with teacher consent. My school is still the exception to the rule regarding cell phone policies. The best way to try to convince schools to change their policies regarding cell phone use is to offer examples of good uses of cell phones in classrooms.

Before going any farther I need to tell you that what triggered this post was watching this video that I discovered on Scott McLeod’s Mind Dump.

Ideas for using cell phones in your classroom.
Text the Mob – Use Cell Phones to Collect Feedback
Cell Phones In My Civics Class = Parent Involvement
QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator
Augmented Reality in Plain English
Create Augmented Reality Layers Without Coding
Google Mobile – Services for Web Search, Blogging, and More
Create an Android App – Android App Inventor


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