Calculate Your Bandwidth Needs with the Bandwidth Planner

How much bandwidth do you need? The answer to that question always seems to be “more.” But really how much do you need? How many devices running VoIP applications can 5mps support?’s Bandwidth Planner can help you answer those questions.

The Bandwidth Planner asks you a short series of questions to help you determine the bandwidth that you really need. The questions ask you about the number of users you might have on your network at one time and the types of things those users might be doing when they’re online. When you’ve answered the questions the Bandwidth Planner will show you how much bandwidth you need to support your network. If you’re not sure what some of the questions in the Bandwidth Planner mean, the glossary of terms should help you.

Applications for Education
Before you add a slew of new devices to your school’s network this fall, make sure your bandwidth can support them by using’s Bandwidth Planner.


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