11 Videos for Economics Lessons

Economics can be a tricky topic teach. I’ve often found that students are interested in learning about how the economy works, but struggle with some of the concepts. The following videos could be handy the next time you’re designing an economics lesson plan.

Common Craft offers a set of six videos addressing some basic concepts in economics. Embedded below you will find Saving Money (Compound Interest) In Plain English and Stock Markets in Plain English. (If you’re viewing this in RSS you will need to click through to see the videos).

2008 sent the economy into a tailspin. Say It Visually created a short animated video to help kids (and adults) understand the causes and effects.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized is an eleven minute overview of factors contributing to the decline of US economy beginning in 2008.

Just how much is one trillion dollars? Mint.com has a one minute video explanation.

PBS Video offers a one hour program about the 1929 Stock Market Crash. You can view the whole program on the PBS Video site. I’ve embedded the first segment below.

EconStories.tv offers a series of rap music videos to explain some of the concepts that have driven economic policies in the US since the New Deal. As some readers have commented in the past, the videos do lean toward Keynesian economics.


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