Three Note Taking Android Apps I’m Trying

This afternoon while in the waiting area at my doctor’s office I installed three note-taking apps on my Android-powered phone. I’m hoping that one of these three will be the solution to scraps of scribbled on paper in my wallet.

The first app I installed this afternoon was Quick Note. Quick Note appealed to me because it has an option for free hand drawing or writing of notes. I’m not sure how much free hand sketching I’ll actually do on my phone, but I like having the option. I could see this being a handy option for creating quick mind maps.

Color Note offers the most features of the three apps I installed this afternoon. Color Note offers a sticky note environment, a calendar option, to do list options, and the option to share your notes via email and sms. The video below offers an overview of Color Note’s features (the video does not have sound).

The third note taking app that I installed on my phone today was Notepad. Notepad is by far the simplest of the three apps. It doesn’t offer anything other than just a plain background for taking standard text notes. The simplicity of the app is what may end up making it my favorite in the long run.

Applications for Education
For students or teachers like me who are in need of a better way to keep track of simple notes and reminders, these three apps could be just what they need. I’ll report back on my success, or lack thereof, with  these apps in due time.


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