When working with K-2nd grades, it’s often the case that students are able to verbally communicate their ideas, but typing those out is another matter.  Using, we solved this issue for a second grade class that was creating slideshow presentations. is a web service that lets you create effective presentations through your PowerPoint files.  What makes this site unique, is it lets you add a narrative to the presentation. Once you upload your PowerPoint, you can record a narrative through your webcam and microphone as if you were presenting the slideshow. The final presentation then appears with your webcam recording on the right and slides on the left. A filmstrip view of the slides is also given on the bottom of the presentation. 
The elementary school I was working with used Google Docs, then converted the presentation to a .PPT file, which Present.Me only accepts.  After the presentation is uploaded, it is queued for the students to record their own words to describe each slide, and time when they want each slide to advance. 
Once they are finished recording, they have the option to record the presentation again if not satisfied with what they did.  Otherwise, you can then publish the presentation, giving it a unique URL that can be shared with anyone. The free plan of only lets you publish up to 10 recordings per month; each of these presentations can be 15 minutes long. Having the students work in groups allowed the class to stay under the ten recordings limit.  
While we used with the primary grades, it could be just as useful to any other age group. 
Troy Kuhn is an instructional technology specialist in Texas for Bryan ISD. Visit him now at his blog Troy’s Tech Tips, the district technology blog he manages Techy Things Teachers Should Know, or follow him on Twitter.

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