Healthline Body Maps – 3D Interactive Models

Healthline Body Maps provides interactive three dimensional models for learning about human anatomy. Body Maps has male and female models. The models have eight layer views, from skin to skeletal, that you can select. You can hold your mouse pointer over any part of the model to view a body part’s name and then zoom to more detailed information. For example, if I place my mouse on the stomach I can then click through for a more detailed view and to see how the stomach is connected to other body parts. To rotate the model just click and drag the model to the left or right.

Applications for Education
If you are going to use Healthline Body Maps in your classroom, please beware that the models are very anatomically correct. Keep that in mind before sending your class to the site.

Late last fall Google introduced the Body Browser for exploring human anatomy through 3D interactive models. To use the Google Body Browser you must have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox 4 installed. Unfortunately, some schools don’t allow teachers to update the browsers on the computers their students use. For teachers in those situations, Healthline Body Maps is an excellent alternative.


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