Go Pileus – Drag and Drop File Sharing

Go Pileus is a simple free service for quickly sharing files. To use Go Pileus just drag a file from your desktop to the Go Pileus page in your browser. Alternatively, you can select upload on Go Pileus to browse for files on your computer. Once your chosen file is uploaded Go Pileus will create a short url for your file. Share that url with the people you want to be able to view and save your file. You can use Go Pileus without creating an account, but your files expire after thirty minutes. Creating an account on Go Pileus will allow your files to be accessible longer.

Applications for Education
Go Pileus could be useful for students working on collaborative projects to quickly swap files that they need to share with each other. Go Pileus also makes it easy for teachers to post documents online that they would like their students to read and discuss.


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