Squrl – Collect Videos and Build Playlists from Many Sources

YouTube playlists are great, but if you want to organize a playlist of videos from multiple websites you might want to give Squrl a try. Squrl allows you to create a playlist of videos from sixteen different sources. You can save videos to watch them later on your laptop, iPad, iPhone, or television.

To add videos to your Squrl que of videos you can use the Squrl bookmarklet (didn’t work for me on Firefox 4), email links to your squrl account, or Tweet them to your Squrl que. Squrl also offers an iPhone and iPad app.

Applications for Education
If you’re looking for a good way to keep track of the web videos that you want to use in your classroom, Squrl could be just the app you need. If Squrl doesn’t suit your taste, you might also consider using VodSpot or VidQue to organize a playlist.


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