Primary Wall – A Sticky Note Wall for Young Students

It seems like every week I come across a new collaborative sticky note service. The latest that I’ve learned about is Primary Wall. Primary Wall is designed with elementary school students in mind. To use it students just have to go to the url for the wall you’ve created and click “add a note” or double click on the wall to start writing notes. Students can title their notes and attach their names (first name only please) to a note. Learn more about Primary Wall in the video below.

Thanks to Danny Nicholson for writing about Primary Wall on his Whiteboard Blog.

Applications for Education
Sticky note walls like Primary Wall or Wallwisher can be useful for hosting collaborative brainstorming sessions, asking questions, and sorting ideas. Primary Wall lists some other ideas for classroom use in their teacher section. Whether you use Primary Wall or another sticky note service, the first time you try it your students might be tempted to post some non-sense notes or move other students’ notes. Just as with any other classroom behavior expectation, it’s important to have a conversation with your students about the way they should use the wall and respect for each other’s ideas.


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