Woodlands Games – Games for Elementary School

Yesterday, I set out to find some educational games that are appropriate for elementary school students and well-suited to use on a touch screen. I was doing this for two reasons; one I felt like I hadn’t written about elementary school materials in a while and I wanted to do some more testing of the Lenovo ThinkCentre that I recently received. Kevin Jarrett had just what I needed in the form of a Tweet mentioning the math section of the Woodlands Junior School’s games website.

On the Woodlands Junior School’s game site you will links to hundreds of games appropriate for use by elementary school students. The games are divided into three categories; maths, literacy, and science. Each category is further divided by topics specific to each subject. In the video below you will see me demonstrating two mathematics games appropriate for K-2 students. Those games are Give the Dog a Bone and Shark Numbers.

Full Disclosure: Lenovo gave me a ThinkCentre m90z to review and is going to give one to one of you too in an upcoming promotion through Free Technology for Teachers. This contest has closed.


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