Three New Ways to Create Videos in YouTube

Last June YouTube launched a video editor for creating mash-ups of your video clips or editing raw video footage. This week YouTube introduced the integration of three video creation services. Now you can create videos using Stupeflix, Go Animate, and Xtranormal within your YouTube account. To use these services just go to and authorize one or all of the services.

I’ve reviewed all three of these video creation services in the past and each one is easy to use. Xtranormal and Go Animate both allow users to create animated videos without drawing. To create videos in Xtranormal and Go Animate users select settings, choose characters, and type the dialogues they want spoken. To create a video in Stupeflix users mix together images, text, and sound to make a slideshow-style video. Learn more about Stupeflix in the video below.

There are some limits to the free versions of the services offered by Xtranormal, Go Animate, and Stupeflix. Xtranormal and Go Animate charge for additional characters and some “premium” design elements. Stupeflix charges if you want to create a video longer than one minute in length.

Applications for Education

If students are allowed to access YouTube in your school, these new integrated services could be useful for short video projects. Students can work on developing and presenting dialogue through the creation of animated videos in Xtranormal or Go Animate. Stupeflix could be used to create book trailers.


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