Read Children’s Books Online at the ICDL

The International Children’s Digital Library hosts thousands of books in 54 languages from more than 60 countries. Visitors are free to browse the library and read books without having to register. If you choose to register you can save your page while reading a book and create a personal bookshelf. ICDL offers free iPhone and iPad apps for reading books on those devices.

You can browse the ICDL by age group, by genre, by language, by book length, and even by the color of the books’ covers. Once you’ve found a book you can flip through it page by page or select an individual page from the grid display of the book’s contents.

Applications for Education

The ICDL could be a great resource for elementary school teachers, students, and parents of elementary school students. Quite a few schools in my area are now teaching world languages as early as first grade. The ICDL could be a good resource for locating children’s books that can be read to students or read with students in the language that they’re learning.


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