Lego City Comic Builder

Like a lot of people, as a kid I loved playing with Legos. So when I learned that Lego offers a comic creator I had to try it out.

At Lego City you can create a comic strip that feature Lego elements. To create a comic just select a strip format (one box or multiple boxes in various layouts) and start dragging elements into your comic strip. Elements in your comic strip can be resized to fit the frame and maintain proportions among multiple elements. Your comic strip can have multiple pages. When you’re done creating your comic strip you can save it online or download it to your computer. Head over to Lego City to get started creating your comic strip.

H/T to Larry Ferlazzo for the link.

Applications for Education
Using Lego City’s comic creator could be a good, fun way to get students interested in creative writing. Even students who don’t consider themselves to be artistic can create comics that they can be proud to show-off to others.


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