Find and Create Molecular Model Simulations

The Molecular Workbench is an excellent site produced by the Concord Consortium with funding from the National Science Foundation. On the Molecular Workbench you can find dozens of interactive models, simulations, and lessons in biology, chemistry, and physics. Each of the lessons walk students through a concept or series of concepts using a set of models and simulations. For example, the Cellular Respiration activity is actually a series of nine lessons using simulations of the process.

In addition to the pre-made models, simulations, and lessons users can create their own using the tools provided by the Molecular Workbench.

Applications for Education

The Molecular Workbench could be a great resource for science students and teachers. The pre-made activities alone could be great supplemental materials for a science class. The option to create their own models allows students to get some hands-on practice using knowledge they’ve gained in their science classes.


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