Elev8Ed – Student Videos About Education

Steve Hargadon, founder of Classroom 2.0, recently launched a new community site for students and teachers called Elev8Ed. Elev8Ed is a place for students to post videos containing their thoughts about education. The Elev8Ed homepage provides these suggestions for video topics; offer new ideas for what education could be, inspire others to transform education, or propose specific actions you can take to improve education in your community.

Applications for Education
Whenever I have students that start the school year saying “I hate school,” I ask them if they can remember a time when they did like school. I do this to give myself some insight into the students’ experience and to possibly give me some ideas as to how to reach those students. Creating and contributing videos to Elev8Ed could be a good way to get students to reflect on their experiences in school. Through creating the videos we can help students express what they do or don’t like about their experiences in school and help ourselves gain some insight as to how we can make school a better experience for them.


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