A Lesson in Propaganda Through Protests in Egypt

I have to credit one of the students (Brandon) in my Global Studies class for finding this video today. We had our fourth class meeting today and as I do at the beginning of most courses I teach, we’ve been talking about identifying bias and propaganda in the media. We’ve been doing this through the context of the current events in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen. Today, during a part of class when the students were working on a collaborative assignment (more on that in my next post) Brandon showed me the following video about Nile TV reporter Shahira Amin quitting her job because she didn’t want to continue to be a part of a propaganda machine in Egypt. Watch the video below.

Applications for Education
If you’re planning to teach a lesson on propaganda, through this video students can see and hear of real-life uses of propaganda being used to influence a population’s perception of events.


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