GE Imagination Cubed – Online Collaborative Drawing

Update May 26, 2011 this resource appears to have gone offline.

General Electric’s Imagination Cubed website provides a clear canvas on which you and your friends can draw and type. You can use the site as to start a drawing on your own and then invite others to join you in the drawing process. If you choose, you can enable the chat feature to talk about the drawing while you’re drawing.

Imagination Cubed offers shapes and “stamps” that you can add to your drawings. You can also change the background color of your drawing and choose from a wide array of drawing colors. When you’re done with your drawing you can save it to your local computer. Should you want to see how the drawing was developed, you can hit the replay button to watch every stroke of the drawing process.

Applications for Education
I’ve become a big fan of Dan Roam’s Unfolding the Napkinmethods for demonstrating and solving problems. His basic idea is that if you can draw the problem you can solve the problem. A site like Imagination Cubed allows students to work together to develop a picture of a problem and then work together to picture the solutions.


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