– Realtime Document Collaboration is a web based document creation service that allows users to collaborate in realtime. People that have used services like TitanPad or Type With Me will notice a lot of similarities to those services in because all three services are based on the EtherPad code made public by Google. provides a place for anyone to start a collaborative document without registering for the service. Once you’ve started your document it is assigned a unique url that you can share with anyone you want to collaborate with. gives each person his or her own text color so that you can keep track of who wrote what. If you want to go back in time to see how the document developed, you can do that with the time slider on Documents on can be exported and downloaded to your local computer.

See in action in the video below.

Applications for Education could be used as a platform for quickly hosting and recording an online brainstorming session with your students. Students working in groups could use to create outlines of lectures or share the burden of taking notes. could also be used by students to collaboratively write a short story. One student could start the document then each subsequent student could add a line or paragraph to the story.


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