LendInk – Borrow and Lend eBooks

LendInk is a free service that helps ebook owners lend and borrow copies of ebooks. LendInk matches ebook owners willing to lend with people looking to borrow a specific ebook. LendInk works with Kindle and Nook.

Here’s how LendInk works; sign up for an account and you can immediately start browsing for ebooks that are available. When you find an ebook you want to borrow, you make a request to borrow it. You can borrow an ebook for up to 14 days. You can borrow up to three ebooks at a time. LendInk uses a three credit system to prevent you from borrowing too many books at once. Each borrowed book “costs” one credit (credits have no monetary cost). When you return a book you get that credit back. If you have ebooks you’re willing to lend, LendInk allows you to list those books in your profile.

Applications for Education
You can only lend to one person at a time using LendInk so it probably isn’t the best option if you’re hoping to have an entire class borrow and read the same book together. Where it could be useful is in  independent reading programs in which each student reads a different book of his or her choosing.


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