Kippt – Share Bookmarks Across Devices and Networks

Kippt is a free service designed to enable sharing of bookmarks and notes between devices and social networks. On your computer and on your iOS device Kippt works as a browser bookmarklet. Once you have Kippt installed you can highlight text on any webpage then click the Kippt bookmarklet to save it in your Kippt account. From your Kippt account you can send any link or clipped text to Twitter, Delicious, or Facebook.

Installing the Kippt bookmarklet on your computer is a simple drag and drop process. Installing the bookmarklet on your iOS device requires you to copy and paste a line of code.

Applications for Education

The option to highlight and save text from a page could make Kippt helpful to students while they’re conducting research online. The saving the text along with the url eliminates the situation of students bookmarking a site then later wondering what it was about that site that they found important.

Two services similar to Kippt that are also worth investigating are The Awesome Highlighter and Evernote.


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