Juxio Looks Like an Interesting Way to Display Info

Juxio is an interesting service that I can best describe as a slideshow creation tool blended with a poster design service. The purpose of Juxio is to give users the ability to arrange images, text, and color into a variety of display layouts. You can arrange elements in a linear timeline fashion or in a number of different collage arrangements.

The learning curve for Juxio is kind of steep (at least it seemed that way when I was working on a small screen), but the basics of using it are as follows. First, you need to add images to your Juxio account by either uploading them from your computer or pulling them from Flickr or Facebook. Then you can begin dragging design elements into your Juxio canvas. To caption your image you have to drag the “caption” element into your canvas before you can caption an image. Once you’ve selected all of your elements, it is easy to rearrange them through the drag and drop interface.

Applications for Education
Juxio intends to stay profitable by selling you prints of the works you create. But you don’t have to buy anything to design, create, and share your Juxio creations online. My thinking when I first saw Juxio last month was that it could be useful for creating timelines and online collages.


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