Drop Mocks – A Simple Way to Share Image Galleries

Drop Mocks just might be the simplest tool for constructing an image gallery and slideshow that I’ve come across since I started Free Technology for Teachers. To create an image gallery with Drop Mocks just go to their site and drag images from your desktop onto the Drop Mocks canvas. Then click on an image to have it featured while the other images are blurred in the background. Click another image and it will come into clear view while the previously featured image fades back into the background. You can share your Drop Mocks gallery by giving people the url assigned to it. To create and save multiple galleries sign into Drop Mocks using your Google Account.

My Drop Mocks gallery of four screenshot images.

Update: Thanks to Kathy for leaving the comment that Drop Mocks does not work with Safari. 

Applications for Education
The students in my special education class are currently researching the stories behind images of the US Civil War. My students are placing the images on a Wall Wisher wall which they will share with their classmates and eventually give a short presentation to the class on the stories behind their favorite images. I chose to use Wall Wisher for this assignment, but had I discovered Drop Mocks just a few days earlier I probably would have had my students use it.


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