42 Tasks – A Free Task Management Tool

42 Tasks is a new, free, online task management tool. The appeal of 42 Tasks is the simple user interface that it features. After you have registered for an account on 42 Tasks, adding tasks to your calendar is a very simple process. To add tasks just type them into the blank description line in your dashboard then select a date from the calendar. Tasks are automatically arranged in chronological order. You can also place tasks within task categories that you’ve created.

42 Tasks doesn’t currently offer group task management, but according to their homepage that is a feature they’re working on adding.

Applications for Education

There is no shortage of online task management tools on the web (here’s seven others I like). But even the best task management tools are worthless if students don’t use them. For that reason, I like to provide students with a number of options to try because the user interface of one task management tool might appeal to one student while not be appealing at all to another student.


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