11 Things You Should Know About This Blog & Me

Yesterday, as part of the Edublogs 30 Days to Kick Start Your Blogging Challenge I wrote 11 Things You Should Know About Blogging. As kind of a follow-up to that activity and as a way for newer readers to learn a little more about me and this blog I’ve now written 11 Things You Should Know About This Blog & Me.

1. I started this blog on November 28, 2007.
2. The original purpose of this blog was to help me keep track of useful ed tech stuff that I found and to share those things with some other people. That’s still the purpose of this blog.
3. I read/ scan through more than 1000 items in my RSS reader almost everyday. Rarely do I hit “mark all as read” on any feed in my RSS reader.
4. Education reform is something I’m interested in, but I’m not going to write about it on this blog because that’s not the purpose of this blog. (see #2 above).
5. There are roughly 30,000 RSS & Email subscribers. This month the blog is on pace for more than 100,000 unique visitors.
6. With the exception of about two dozen guest posts, I’ve written all of the 4000+ posts.
7. Writing this blog earns me oodles of money some gas money.
8. I do sleep.
9. Sometimes I write blog posts days before they appear on web.
10. Somedays I don’t feel like writing, but I do it because 30,000 people are expecting fresh content everyday and that’s the responsibility I’ve created for myself.
11. Most days I really really like writing this blog especially when I hear back from a reader who had a successful lesson using something I wrote about.

What would you like to know about this blog?


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!