Sixty Symbols – Video Explanations of the Symbols of Physics

From the same people that brought us the Periodic Table of Videos comes Sixty Symbols. Sixty Symbols is a collection of videos featuring scientists at the University of Nottingham giving short, sometimes humorous, explanations of the symbols of physics and astronomy. There are actually more than sixty videos in the collection now as more content is periodically added to the site. Click on any symbol on the Sixty Symbols homepage to watch a video. There is also a section devoted just to the solar system.

Here’s a video from Sixty Symbols about Jupiter.

Applications for Education
As they state on their project page, Sixty Symbols isn’t intended to be an online reference book rather it is just a place to watch and listen to some people talk about the subjects they love and know a lot about. Sixty Symbols could be a good place to find an explanation that might help students get a different perspective than that of a textbook or your explanation.

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